New Push to Cover Costs of PTSD Service Dogs For Veterans

PTSDcosts.jpgBeth Ford Roth shared some insight in her article on the VA cutting benefits for veterans who need Service Dogs to have them. The VA’s reason for creating a new policy is based on the fact that there is no scientific evidence to support that an Assistance Dog can help the health of a Wounded Warrior. As this organization knows and the many who have been helped by Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs, these canines provide an exponential amount of help to individuals who have been blessed to receive one. These canines help our veterans reintegrate into their daily routine, have healthy family bonds, allow them to be in the public and experience life as they once did. Not only do these canines help these veterans with their social and personal aspects of their lives, but they allow, in time, for medications to be reduced or eliminated; medications for anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation.

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