We transform lives with service dogs

Since 1998, Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs has worked to satisfy an unfulfilled need for Assistance Dogs in San Diego County, California. Today, the two main areas of focus are the Leash‐On‐Life Program, developed to assist children and families who have been impacted by autism and the At Ease Program, created to serve the needs of our country’s Wounded Warriors. Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs utilizes only evidence based positive reinforcement training methods. Our dogs are trained by professional training staff as well as inmate trainers in a manner that is fun and rewarding, making for happy, healthy and successful Service Dogs. 

TLCAD transforms lives in three ways:

Rescued Dogs
The lives transformed start with the dog. While TLCAD obtains puppies from service dog breeding programs, we also partner with local shelters and rescues to carefully assess homeless dogs with the potential for service work through our Rescue Aquisistion Program. Rescued dogs who are not accepted into the program are placed as pets in loving forever homes.

Rehabilitated Inmates
The Prisoners Overcoming Obstacles & Creating Hope (POOCH) program, teaches prison inmates how to use positive reinforcement techniques to train the dogs . Through this program, inmates are being rehabilitated so they will make better members of the community when they are released. Research demonstrates that inmates who train service dogs are less likely to re-offend.

Individuals with Disabilities
Our service dogs are custom trained to build bridges to independence by increasing the quality of life for wounded warriors with PTSD, TBI and/or mobility limitations and individuals with autism in San Diego County. Our service dogs not only transform their lives, but the lives of their family and the community.




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